AETU General and flying rules 2019


This Union to be known as the All England Tippler Union the aim of the Union is to bring together tippler clubs and individual tippler fanciers with the purpose of promoting through competition and exhibition all aspects of the flying tippler sport.

The Union will be overseen by a five man council who will be there to resolve any issue on behalf of the Union with the Chairman having the casting vote on all matters arising throughout their term of office which shall run from one AGM to the AGM the following year


                                 2019 council


Chairman                                    Fiasat KhanCentral Brum T.C.

President                                    Tom Dilkes. Old Hall T.C.

Vice President                            Matthew Wheeler Central Brum T.C. 

Other coumcil members

J.Firth                                           Yorkshire T.C.

Gary Watson                              Silksworth T.C.


The Union will also have an elected Secretary who will be responsible for the day to day running Finances etc of the Union and who will be there to offer advice to the council if needed


Competition dates 2019

Old Bird

March 31st liberation 6:15am official dark 8:48pm

April 28th liberation5:30am official dark 9:40pm

May 19th liberation 4:30am official dark 10:14pm

June 23rd liberation 4:00am official dark 10:47pm

Young Bird

July 7th liberation 4:30am official dark 10:45pm

July 21st liberation 5:00am official dark 10:32pm

August 4th liberation 5:15am official dark 10:08pm

August 18 liberation 6:00am official dark 9:40pm

Results 2018

Old bird

April 1st liberation 6:15am official dark8:50pm

1st 11:29 M.Wasim.private member

2nd 5:35  R.Sandhu. Central Brum T.C.

3 sheets not returned

April 22nd liberation 5:30am official dark 928pm

1st 14:22 G.Carr. Silksworth T.C.

2nd 10:16 R.Sandhu Central Brum T.C.


Karnail Singh CBTC 15:00 missed kit

Gurinder Singh private member 11:30 bird missing in heavy rain

M.Wasim private member 8:41 bird washed down in heavy rain

4 sheets not returned

May 20th liberation 5:30am official dark 10:17pm

1st 15:04 Karnail Singh Central BrumTC

2nd 14:05 G.Carr Silksworth T.C.

Honour system

1st 14:30 D.Pearce Silksworth T.C.


M.Wasim private member 9:22 hawk attack bird dropped away

A.Baird Silksworth TC 9:00 bird dropped away

Gurinder Singh birds not released

5 timesheets not returned


June 17th liberation 4:00am official dark 10:48pm

1st 17:35 G.Carr Silksworth TC

2nd 17:27 M.Wasim private member

3rd 16:11 Karnail Singh Central Brum TC

Honour system

1st  18:30 D.Pearce Silksworth TC

5 timesheets not returned

Young Bird

July 1st liberation 4:00am official dark 10:48pm

1st 13:44 D.Warrener Silksworth TC

2nd 12:38 M.Wasim private member

3rd 12:06 Faisal Ghafoor Central Brum TC

Disqualified G.Carr Silksworth TC birds over the hour

Honour system

1st 16:28 R.Hookens private member

2nd 9:55 K.McDowell private member

3rd 8:35 J.Firth Yorkshire TC


D.Pearce Silksworth TC birds over the hour

T.Dilks Old Hall birds not liberated (hit by peregrine last training fly)

5 timesheets not returned

July 15th liberation 5:00am official dark 10:37pm

1st 7:04 M.Wasim private member

2nd 5:00 G.Carr Silksworth TC


Faisal Ghafoor Central Brum TC 15:50 failed to drop birds

D.Warrener Silksworth TC 15:07 bird over the hour

Gurinder Singh Central Brum TC 9:00 bird missing (falcon attack)

Honour system

1st 14:32 B.Owston private member

2nd 12:56 R.Hookens private member

3rd 4:25 J.Firth Yorkshire TC

Disqualified D.Pearce Silksworth TC 8:00 bird out of bounds

August 5th liberation 5:15am official dark 10:06pm

1st 13:32 D.Pearce Silksworth TC

2nd 4:36 D.Warrener Silksworth TC

Honour system

1st 16:43 R.Hookens private member

2nd 3:25 J.Firth private member


B.Owston private member 16:05 missed kit

K.McDowell private member bird missing

5 timesheets not returned

19th August liberation 6:00am official dark 9:37pm

1st 11:52 M.Wasim private member


G.Watson Silksworth TC 14:00 missed birds in dark

G.Carr Silksworth TC unable to identify kit

D.Warrener Silksworth TC unable to identify bird

D.Pearce Silksworth TC overslept

R.Hookens private member birds dropped away in rain

6 timesheets not returned

 Competition results 2017

Old bird

April 2nd             liberation 6:15am official dark  8:52pm 

1st 07:43 R.Oakley Wrens Nest T.C.

2nd 05:47 Israr. Arif  Central Brum T.C.

Disqualified M.Wasim private member 12:42 incorrect timesheet / Z.Ahmed CBTC 00:43 Hawk attack / D.Warrener Silksworth T.C 03:35 peregrine put bird down out of bounds / G.Carr Siksworth T.C 12:57 2 birds over the hour / Z.Mubarak CBTC 01:28 bird taken Hawk / F.Khan CBTC 06:59 peregrine attack   3 sheets not returned 

April 23rd            liberation 5:30am official dark  9:30pm

1st 8:03 R.OakleyWrens Nest T.C.

2nd 7:41 Israr Arif Central Brum T.C.

1st 11:44 HS L.Briggs private member

Disqualified 3:15 D.Warrener Silksworth T.C. peregrine attack / 3:15 G.Carr Silksworth T.C. peregrine attack / 14:32M.Wasim private member incorrect timesheet /  4 sheets not returned 

May 21st              liberation 4:30am official dark 10:18pm

1st 16:20 G.Carr Silksworth T.C 

2nd 16:00 Israr Arif Central Brum T.C

3rd 12:33 M.Wasim private member

4th 8:13 E.Oakley Wrens Nest T.C

D/Q D.Warrener Silksworth T.C bird dropped away

1st HS 17:00 D.Pearce Silksworth

2nd HS 16:30 L.Briggs private member

3 timesheets not returned

June 18th            liberation 4:00am official dark 10:47pm

1st 17:04 Israr. Arif Central BrumT.C.

2nd 13:51 M.Wasim private member

3rd 11:05 G.Carr Silksworth T.C.

4th 6:18 E.Oakley Wrens Nest T.C.

5th 3:58 D.Warrener Silksworth T.C.

Disqualified D.Pearce Silksworth T.C. kit over the hour

4 time sheets not returned



Young bird

July 2nd                liberation 4:30am official dark 10:46pm

1st 5:06 J.Brook silksworth

2nd 4:20 E.Oakley Wrens Nest 7 birds

D/Q D.Warrener Silksworth

1st HS 16:01 R.Hookens private member

2 time sheets not returned

July16th              liberation 5:00am official dark 10:36pm

1st 8:34 Fiasat Khan Central Brum T.C.

2nd 7:32 J.Brooks Silksworth 

3rd 3:38 E.Oakley Wrens Nest T.C. 

1st HS 17:06 R.Hookens private member

D/Q L.Boucker Wrens Nest / D.Warrener Silksworth / G.Carr Silksworth / D.Pearce Silksworth 3 time sheets not returned

August 6th          liberation 5:15am official dark 10:04pm

1st 11:52 D.Warrener Silksworth T.C.

2nd 11:23 M.Wasim private member

3rd 11:19 N.Mariner Netherton T.C.

4th 10:23 Gurinder Singh private member

5th 6:45 Fiasat Khan Central Brum T.C.

D/Q R.Hookens private member birds pitched away / L.Briggs private member bird washed down in rain / Raja.. Nasir Ali. private member peregrine attack  4 timesheets not returned



August 20th         liberation 6:00am official dark  9:34 pm

1st 13:02 G.Carr Silksworth T.C.

2nd 12:17 M.Wasim private member

1st HS 13:20 L.Briggs private member

2nd HS 13:11 R.Hookens private member

Disqualified D.Pearce Silksworth T.C. peregrine took bird / D.Warrener Silksworth T.C. bird hit tree on liberation / Gurinder Singh private member hawk attack / Israr Arif Central Brum  kit dropped away 4 timesheets not returned

No entries for either old or young bird knockout these were a trial in 2017 will be discontinued in 2018 

Top novice E.Oakley Wrens Nest T.C.

Aggregate winner M.Wasim private member



                              Secretary 2019


27 Sunnybrow



Tyne & Wear


Phone 0191 6805126




A.Firstly it should be pointed out this Union is concerned with tipplers only no member is allowed to ring or compete in any AETU competition or events with any bird other than a flying tippler anyone found doing so will face expulsion from the Union


B.Any person residing in the U.K. and over 15 years old is welcome to apply for membership in this Union application can be made to the Secretary and will be decided on by the council membership will be accepted at any time during the year no rings will be issued before January of the same year


C. The Council will arrange an AGM to be held the first Sunday in October each year venue to be arranged where the council and secretary for the following year will be elected and any other matters can be raised

Venue for 2018

To be arranged


D. Following the AGM the newly elected council will hold a finance meeting to set fees for the following year


E. No one will be accepted for membership while serving a current ban from another tippler club or union or leaving the same in arrears


F. Anyone with any proposals or wishing to apply for a council or the Secretary position can contact the Secretary before September of the same year to be voted on at the AGM these matters will only be voted on if the person proposing or applying is present at the AGM to answer any queries arising from their proposals


2019 Membership Fees & ring prices


Membership including 8 fly entries 3 Newsletters and postage £15:00

Ring £1:50 per 10 rings to be sold in batches of 10

All fees and ring monies to be paid before rings are issued


The Union to organise eight competitions each year both official (with referee) and honour (competitor acts as his own referee) competitions to be held on the Sunday at given dates but any member who for any reason cannot fly on the Sunday can compete on the Saturday of the same weekend but must notify the Secretary by post or phone 1 week in advance club Secretaries are responsible for putting in entries for their members private members are responsible for their own entries this also applies to completed timesheets which must be received in the post by the AETU Secretary no later than 6 days following the competition date

Diplomas to be awarded for the first 3 places for members using the honour system framed diplomas or trophies to be awarded for the first 3 places for members using the official system the Union have the right to send an inspector to check on anyone competing in any competition

Novice cup to be awarded for the top novice each year counting the aggregate of all competitions a novice is defined as anyone who has not flown 10 hours or more in any organised competition.


A.E.T.U.   Flying Rules 2019


Anyone before acting as a referee in any AETU competition cannot be living at the same address as the competitor and must be over 15 years old must have read and fully understand the following rules and be in a position to referee the kit at all times during any competition


1. Name and address of competitor and start referee ring numbers of competing birds along with competition details to be filled in on timesheet prior to release of the kit


2. All ring numbers of competing birds to be checked against the timesheet directly the birds enter the loft competitors may fly 3 to 15 birds longest kit on the wing to win provided no objections are made against them all fields on the timesheet must be filled in correctly any alterations must be signed or initialed by the referee

2b All rings of competing birds must have been issued to or transferred to the competitor this can be done through club secretaries or in the case of private members the AETU secretary. new members are allowed to fly old bird only competitions for the first 2 years of membership with rings other than those issues by the AETU these must be dated and numbered closed rings 


3. All kits must be on the wing at the time stated (in the case of honour system competitors kits must be on the wing no later than 7am and release time entered on the timesheet) referees must be in a position to see kits on the wing at liberation time


4. Any competing birds dropping over 75 yards from the competitors loft will be disqualified birds dropping within this boundary the competitor will be allowed to fetch them off the place they have dropped


5. Any birds raking out of sight during the first hour the remaining part of the first two hours shall be allowed for sighting but if they return during the second hour then only one hour is allowed for sighting for the remainder of the competition should the competitor decide to drop his birds at any time he must inform the referee time will be taken as soon as any sign is given to induce the birds to drop any birds dropping in bounds in daylight the competitors must stay within the rules and have the birds in within one hour after official dark time


6. Kits flying without fault into official dark and still kitted one hour is allowed to have the birds in from time being taken any kit not flying together meaning all the birds cannot be seen in one view are termed split and must be in within one hour of the split being called


7. All referees to set their time to BBC time


8. If any referee has just reason to disqualify the kit he is watching he must acquaint the competitor before leaving if he takes the time of any kit he is watching he must remain until the birds are in and he has checked the ring numbers of the kit against the timesheet


9. No alterations to be made to the outside of the loft area within one week prior to competition no activities to be conducted around the loft area during competition which may cause the birds to be frightened allowing for birds dropped in bounds to be got back on the wing


10. If a pigeon settles on or around a competitors loft during a competition he will be allowed to get it in only in the presence of his referee and without droppers being shown


11. Any competitor insulting any referee or inspector whilst he is executing his duties will be disqualified


12 Any member reported for being in breach of the rules will be suspended from all AETU competitions until the matter has been resolved by the council


13. Any circumstances neither arising nor covered in the rules the council shall have the power to make a decision on

 Results 2016

 Old bird

3.4 2016   1st place D.Warrener Silksworth 13:32 5 birds official  2nd place M.Wasim private member 12:29 3 birds official D/Q Fiasat Khan Central Brum peregrine attack official D/Q B.Hurst private member peregrine attack honour  D/Q W.Oakley Wrens Nest birds not released honour.

24.4.20116 1st place D.Warrener Silksworth 14:52 5 birds official 2nd place M.Wasim private member 14:04 3 birds official 3rd place R.Sandhu Central Brum 10:31 3 birds official dq F.Khan central Brum 5:20 4 birds bird dropped away officia.l Honour system 1st D.pearce Silksworth 13:27 5 birds. B.Hurst private member birds not released

21.5.2016  1st place G.Carr Silksworth 16:25 3 birds official 2nd place 15:22 M.Wasim private member 4 birds official D/Q 15:02 D.Warrener 5 birds bird dropped away official D/Q 8:10 3 birds D.Pearce Silksworth bird dropped honour D/Q Fiasat Khan Central Brum bird touched roof on liberation official not liberated Rudra Sandhu Central Brum not liberated B.Hurst private member  

19.6.2016 D/Q G.Carr Silksworth 16:15 bird over the hour official D/Q D.Warrener Silksworth 17:30 missed 2 birds official Fiasat Khan Central Brum birds not released 1st place D.Pearce Silksworth 12:58 4 birds honour B.Hurst PM birds not released  

Young bird

3.7.2016  1st place L.Boucker PM 4:50 3 birds official D/Q 16:30 G.Carr Silksworth bird over the hour peregrine attack official D/Q 16:40 D.Warrener Silksworth bird over the hour peregrine attack official D/Q Fiasat Khan Central Brum referee faild to attend official B.Hurst PM 11:10 7 birds honour 2 timesheets not returned.

 17.7.2016 1st place D.Warrener. Silksworth 13:20 4 birds official 2nd place L.Boucker PM 5:52 3 birds official  W.Oakley Wrens Nest 3:48 3 birds honour J.Brooks Silksworth 15:15 3 birds honour 5 timesheets not returned.

7.8.2016 1st place D.Warrener Silksworth 15:17. 3 birds official 2nd place G.Carr Silksworth 15:05. 3 birds official 3rd place Sati Gill CBTC 14:32. 5 birds official 4th place E.Oakley Wrens Nest 6:50 4 birds official 8 timesheets not returned 

21.8.2016 1st place D.Warrener.Silksworth 13:13 5 birds official D.Pearce Silksworth 10:37 3 birds honour W.Oakley Wrens Nest 5:19 3 birds honour D/Q J.Firth Yorkshire 3 birds 5:00 kit dropped out of bounds 7 timesheets not returned

Novice Cup winner. Sati Gill Central Brum T.C. 14 hours 32 minutes 

Overall Aggregate. D.Warrener Silksworth T.C.  70 hours 14 minutes